Sunday, July 17, 2016

The BEEgining

I am a valuable member of society and have many things to offer. 

I am a 10 year old boy trapped in a body that does not follow my instructions.  I am a boy with the same dreams and aspirations as any other boy.  I am not defective or flawed, I am ever evolving.  I am not an ordinary boy, I am autistic and apraxic and I am a fellow human.  I always try to do my best and always try to comply.  I am not a project to be completed, I  am a whole person.  My story is simple,  I am not a perfect human, I am an eternal soul.  I am light and I am luminosity, I am ethereal.

I am a manifestation of God's greatness and a part of the universe. I am a living testament of the amazing miracle of the all mighty powerful place where all things converge to create life. I am not an accident, I am a decision of the divine. All is as it should be. Am I eternally forever destined to live this way? I am unsure of it. All I know is that today I am a person with nonverbal autism and severe apraxia.


  1. You have my heart! I love every part of this blog. Keep sharing, keep growing.

  2. So beautiful to read this. You are perfect. Just as God made you. My son is 9 years old and we are just starting RPM. I will be reading your blog to him.
    xx Vanessa K

  3. This is beautiful, as are you - please keeping writing to us all.
    Cheri and Isabell - Vancouver Canada

  4. Beautiful Alfonso! Look forward to more of your writing.

  5. WOW Alfonso! You sure are a gift from God & a PERFECT one at that, Thank you for sharing your words , I have a daughter Evie who has just begun to unlock her voice too, she is much like you , wanting to share that she too has come with a message of Love from heavens above, Would LOVE to connect with you, I think you both have a lot in common , ( also I was wanting to Subscribe to your website so I get notified of your new posts & can follow & along your journey, but your Follow /subscribe does not work... If ever you want to connect you can find us at ) So looking forward to what else you want to share with the world,Lots of Love & Blessings upon blessings Beautiful Love Soul