Sunday, September 24, 2017

Open Thank You To Dr. Jenny Palmiotto

Dear Jenny,

I have no words to describe the way in which you have impacted my life and my journey. So many things have turned out amazingly thanks to you.  I am so grateful to you for all the opportunities you have brought to my life.  Your support and your belief in my abilities have made my life easier. I am forever in debt.    A new activist was born the moment you allowed me to take the stage. Each day you bring peace to my life through your company.

I am forever in debt, I am forever grateful.

You believe in the competence of others  and the kindness you share makes the life of those around you a towering falloon of hope and grit.  

The day I took the stage I was nervous and anxious. my body was failing me and I felt out of control.  You gently encouraged me to take the stage and gave me the valor I needed.  You are a light in my path and wind in my sail. Together with my parents you take me  to calm waters.

I am forever in debt and forever grateful. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Los Temerarios Tacos - Tacos El Frank

Me gustan mucho los tacos, los prefiero por encima de muchas cosas.  El día que los descubrimos empezó mi romance con la asada.  Tony es el taquero estrella y se caracteriza por su entusiasmo, nunca deja de sonreir. No se como le hace para siempre estar de buen humor.

Este es un lugar al que hay que traer audífonos para cancelar el ruido, los aromas no son muy fuertes.  No hay rejas y se encuentra ubicado en una calle con mucho tráfico, no es algo difícil pedir asada para alguien con alergias.

(Nota Editorial: Los Tacos el Frank se encuentran en la ciudad de Tijuana, México)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How do you flap your hands so fast?

I practice a lot. Every day I try to go a little faster. I like flapping my hands because it makes me feel like a bird and it makes me feel free, almost as free as a bird.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The BEEgining

I am a valuable member of society and have many things to offer. 

I am a 10 year old boy trapped in a body that does not follow my instructions.  I am a boy with the same dreams and aspirations as any other boy.  I am not defective or flawed, I am ever evolving.  I am not an ordinary boy, I am autistic and apraxic and I am a fellow human.  I always try to do my best and always try to comply.  I am not a project to be completed, I  am a whole person.  My story is simple,  I am not a perfect human, I am an eternal soul.  I am light and I am luminosity, I am ethereal.

I am a manifestation of God's greatness and a part of the universe. I am a living testament of the amazing miracle of the all mighty powerful place where all things converge to create life. I am not an accident, I am a decision of the divine. All is as it should be. Am I eternally forever destined to live this way? I am unsure of it. All I know is that today I am a person with nonverbal autism and severe apraxia.